When I read all of these testimonials, I thought I MUST try this. I have a weak will power and eat anything that stands still for long enough. Shelley helped me identify triggers and modify this behaviour. She combined Health Coaching with Colon Hydrotherapy for me and I can not believe that I am the same person. I feel totally different. I also went on a reset and rebalance eating plan suggested by Shelley and I am gobsmacked at the difference in how my body looks and feels and how my mind now knows to choose things that agree with me and make me look so much better. I was even more surprised to hear that Shelley is in her late 50’s… I want to look that good when I get to her age. Your health and wellness knowledge is phenomenal Shelley. You share information so willingly and without judgement. Your clinic is tranquil and beautiful and I love the fact that I do not have to run down the passage to the toilet with a towel around me, because you have a dedicated toilet right there. And of course, when I heard that you were a registered colon therapist and a registered Health Coach and that everything you use for a colonic is disposable, that just sealed the deal. You have me as a life-long client. Love you to the moon and back for highlighting my potential.

Ann Jellybeans

I signed up for a health coach and even though I am currently based in Spain, I was paired with Shelley in South Africa. What a tremendous Skype journey we have shared. I suffer from severe IBS, anxiety and insomnia. I have consulted with doctors in the US and here and no one has quite understood what I go through on a day to day basis, trying to choose food that feels right in my belly. I loved the way Shelley coaches without any judgement. She is wise beyond words and very astute and picking up unsaid things. She set challenges and goals for me and gave me valuable pointers and information. We started by meeting once a week for 3 months and now we meet once a month or when I need a helping hand. I like your accent and your practical, loving and caring attitude. I wish you well and thank you for assisting me and my extended family as well. Be blessed my African Coach.


It is a genuine pleasure and honour for me to recommend Shelley Grannersberger, owner of Holistic Hydro in Edenvale.

Shelley has been treating me for the past few years and has successfully managed to correct by colonic disorders as well as reduce my need for medication for my colon. I can highly recommend her and her methods are completely natural. Her understanding of the various colonic disorders and how to correct them is phenomenal, without the need for any invasive surgery. A completely holistic approach. She is professional, hardworking, self-motivated and extremely discreet and makes one feel completely comfortable and at ease.

I will continue with her affordable therapy for the rest of my life due to the many health benefits that can be achieved from doing this. Being a natural therapy is does not cause any dependency and in fact restores the colon to optimum condition.

Shelley has superior verbal and written communication skills. She also is highly respected by her peers and patients.

In closing based on my personal experience as one of her clients, I can strongly recommend Holistic Hydro as an alternative to daily medication. I am sure you will be very impressed with your own results, as I have been, since becoming a client of hers.


My holistic wellness journey started six years ago after been in and out of hospital continuously and not one doctor could pin point what was wrong with me. My homeopath at the time suggested I do a food allergy test and the results came back - highly allergic to gluten and dairy. I went on a complete lifestyle change from diet to exercising with a personal trainer etc. This included going to see Shelley frequently for hydrotherapy which had amazing, positive effects. I lost 38kg and went from a size 18 to a size 8. This transformation took just over 12 months and now present time I am still living this lifestyle and have maintained a healthy slim weight ever since. I go for hydrotherapy fairly regularly and it really works for me. Shelley runs her business professionally with amazing service. Her rooms are impeccably clean, state of the art equipment and she always gives that extra personal touch. Shelley all I can say is a huge thank you. You made me feel comfortable from day 1 and I will continuously have sessions with you. You are my mama bear that makes my tummy feel better when I am feeling blue!!!!


I am an ultra-marathon runner and I have been with Dr Shells for about 5 years more or less. A friend who does triathlons introduced me to this magical lady. I can honestly say that I can feel the bodily difference and see the time difference after being for 2 or 3 colonics in the weeks leading up to a marathon. My head, liver and colon all feel clear and energised. Dr Shells even suggested I change what I drink while running – this has also made a beeeeeg difference. Thanks magical Dr Shells, see you soon.


I had my first colonic at Holistic Hydro with Dr Shelley and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Her sensitivity to her clients is very reassuring - from initial enquiries to any follow up thereafter. Her professionalism, her vast knowledge of health and well-being and delightful conversation made for an enriching experience. The treatment room is clean, beautiful and relaxing and I experienced no discomfort after the colonics. Thank you very much for making me feel comfortable and at ease. You have been so gracious and kind and I look forward to making colonics a part of my regular health routine.


After a colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedure I had to undergo a 6 month treatment for IBS. My doctor told me even after the treatment I will still have IBS. The treatment doesn't cure it but manages it. At the end of my treatment I was desperate to find something that will help manage my IBS long term without popping in a different number of pills which were still not 100% effective. I still suffered even with the medication. It was frustrating. I took the Holistic Hydro leaflet from my doctor's waiting rooms out of curiosity. I must say after reading the leaflet and checking out the website I was not in a rush to give it a try. 

I then remembered that in an African culture we do a similar therapy which is highly praised. In fact my mother used it on us when we were small and usually constipated. The thought made me feel better about it because I knew it wasn’t painful just a little uncomfortable. I am proud to say I now see Dr Shelley once a month for maintenance. I have stopped using medication. All I take are pre/probiotics. I feel like a million bucks!!! I Love Dr Shelley. I Love that she does this kind of work with a huge smile on her face EVERY TIME! I Love her passion. I also love our chats and laughs during the sessions:) If you suffer from IBS or just want to have energy, clear skin, feel good.... give a colonic a try. You won't regret it. She makes u feel so comfortable you totally forget you having a colonic. I honestly cannot live without her! 


It was fabulous, thank you! You really are the best of all. That's based on my vast experience of colon therapists on 3 continents! 


I encourage anyone who has not had the experience of Colon Hydrotherapy to go for it. It's the best and most rewarding thing you will ever do to change your body. I am so impressed by how much Colon Hydrotherapy has helped me. 

I'm a raving fan for life and just wanted to thank Shelley from Holistic Hydro for being so thoughtful and understanding. Your clinic is so peaceful and warm. You made me feel completely comfortable from the start. You are always extremely helpful and friendly and you make the process very comfortable and not embarrassing at all. 

I started off with 3 sessions (strongly recommended) once a week and now I am slowly cutting down to once a month. I highly recommend Shelley’s services. 

Fan for Life, Johannesburg

I am a 59 year old female who has suffered from IBS, Candida and bloating. I heard about Colon HydroTherapy, and out of desperation tried it.

I was skeptical about the treatment, thinking it to be a messy and unpleasant experience. I was pleasantly surprised, it was very comfortable going to Shelley at Holistic Hydro, the consulting room felt as if I was at a day spa.

After the initial 3 treatments I immediately experienced relief from the all the ailments I had been suffering from. At the next appointment with my homeopath, she remarked on the positive effect and the difference after the treatment. She could not detect any of my ailments.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from similar ailments. 

Mary O

The decision to have colonic hydrotherapy has been the best decision I have made in a long time. I feel totally comfortable having the procedure done – quite relaxed actually. There is no turning back for me …. It will become a regular event in my diary. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!  


I decided to have colon hydrotherapy after a period of unpleasant gut symptoms and bowel movements. Shelly makes all the difference and that is the difference.

Pleasant, professional and informative. I’m truly grateful for your service. 


Before having a Colon Cleanse I was tired all the time. I was skeptical about going for a cleanse but Shelley very soon changed my entire perspective. Shelley’s professional manner made me feel at ease the minute I met her. She answered all my questions honestly (which I appreciated). I must admit I was very nervous about the procedure, but again, Shelley was sooo wonderful and professional with this too. I never felt awkward or embarrassed in any way.

Since my 3 day colon cleanse I have so much more energy. Instead of passing out on the couch @ 9pm ... I now able to sit and enjoy my family time till at least 10:30pm. Not only have I gained more energy, I have also found I've been more regular to the loo - which makes my tummy smile!

I will gladly recommend your facility. 

Mrs S Vahed.

After suffering from constipation and bloating for donkey’s years I finally found someone who understands and helps from the emotional and physical side. 

What I like about Holistic Hydro is the large, clean and tranquil room and a toilet available for afterwards that is right there in the room. The treatments are informative and yet relaxing and most effective.

I have not felt this great in years. My bad breath and smelly feet have improved and I have a clear head. My stomach works every 2 or 3 days instead of every 2 or 3 weeks and I have stopped taking laxatives. I feel great and will continue on my maintenance schedule as it has impacted my life in many ways. You are a genuine God send and I wish you all the success in the world. Feeling Fab


For years I've suffered constipation and bloating, well no longer thanks to your colonic hydrotherapy.

I was nervous as the thought was not a pleasant one, but you made me so relaxed I forgot all about what was happening. I am feeling better than I have in years. Highly recommended is all I can say! If people are in doubt they are welcome to call me. Thank you once again! 

Mrs M Britz

My Naturopath diagnosed Candida and suggested I go to Holistic Hydro for colon irrigation. I was incredibly apprehensive at the thought and it took two calls before I had courage to book the appointment. Boy, am I glad that I did. I had 3 colonics and feel like a new person with a new well-behaved colon. I no longer crave cake and bread and don't drag myself around feeling bloated and lazy. 

Treatments were private, personal, informative and still relaxing. Shelley was never rushed and always spent extra time answering my questions in her chic clinic. 

You are an angel Shelley, thank you for restoring my kick for life. 


At first I was a little apprehensive about undertaking the procedure. One has the perception of a very uncomfortable, intrusive situation. I must start by saying that it is anything but.

The procedure is carried out in an extremely professional and dignified manner. One is made to feel at ease from the offset. My symptoms of feeling sluggish, bloated, irregular bowl movements and excessive flatulence were all a thing of the past after the first week of treatment.

I have gained more confidence and even my thought process seems to be clearer. I will certainly be seeing you within the next two months.

Thank you once again for your professional approach and thank you for making me feel the best I have in a long time. 


Thank you so much for all your help and advice. The experience was so comfortable thanks to you. You are amazing! I am so pleased that I found you.