Gut-Brain Connection

The mind is an integral part of our body. What goes on in the body has a direct effect on our mind and what goes on in the mind undoubtedly affects our body.

Even though the digestive system works around the clock delivering the nutrients in food to your bloodstream, it’s often a case of out of sight, out of mind, while things are running smoothly. But when trouble looms, our gut can be likened to a squeaky wheel that demands oil and immediate attention.


The gastrointestinal tract is often hyper-sensitive to emotion. Anxiety, anger, stress, depression, jealousy, fear, hatred, love, greed, sadness and joy can all trigger feelings and symptoms in our gut. It is with good reason that we say “We have butterflies in our stomach” or “feel nauseous” when we are anxious or excited, as the brain has a direct effect on the stomach.


Negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, jealousy and hatred play havoc with our mental and physical health and are said to have a direct influence on the physiology of the gut. The brain and gastrointestinal system are so intimately connected that an uneasy or troubled brain is thought to transmit signals to the gut and an uneasy or troubled gut can transmit signals to the brain. Issues such as stress, depression and anxiety could either be the cause or the effect of gastrointestinal distress – especially in cases where there is no other apparent physical cause. Such issues, if left unchecked, could disturb the contractions of the gastrointestinal tract, and could make one more susceptible to infection and inflammation.


Combining Colon Hydrotherapy with SCIO and emotional holistic healing is a winning combination… Colon Hydrotherapy to ease digestive discomforts... SCIO to identify and address allergies, intolerances and stressors… And subtle emotional holistic healing techniques to help deal with daily life. 

This is a three-pronged gentle approach to letting go of the things that do not provide any benefit.