Before the Treatment


Most people will feel the benefit without adjusting their diet before their first colonic. You may, however, take the opportunity to do a more thorough cleanse and elect to cut down or reduce certain foods three days prior to your first session. 

A good start would be:

  • CUT OUT junk food, fizzy and diet drinks, sweets and artificial sweeteners, red meat and dairy products (fish is a lighter alternative), wheat products including pasta, bread, cake and biscuits.

  • CUT DOWN the amount of coffee and tea you usually drink.

  • EAT lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains (brown rice and quinoa).

  • DRINK at least 2 litres of water a day, fresh vegetable juice (beetroot, carrot, celery and cucumber are a good combination) and herbal tea.

No need to fast unless you've done so before and your body is used to it. 

You may also like to super charge your colonics by booking a SCIO session to identify hidden stressors, food intolerances and parasites that may not be immediately obvious to you.

If you have any health conditions (such as diabetes), please first seek medical advice before drastically changing your diet.