Spiritual Mind Treatment


It is said that our beliefs, feelings and thoughts create and shape our own day-to-day experiences. As unbelievable as it may sound, nothing happens in life by chance. Our beliefs, feelings and thoughts act like magnets to attract our circumstances to us.


We control our success or failure, happiness or misery, financial well-being or lack thereof and our destiny, by and through our own mental process, irrespective of us being aware of this or not. It therefore makes good sense to familiarise ourselves with how the universe works and to have knowledge of the many spiritual laws that function in daily life. Taking cognisance of these Spiritual Laws will enable us to use them in order to live the life we crave.


You need not be religious to enjoy the benefits of Spiritual Awareness and Enlightenment. We all have an infinite power within us which can be used for our personal greater good and the greater good of all those who come into contact with us. All you need is an open mind and be willing and eager to transform your life.

When we are happy and our dreams are being fulfilled, we feel content and blessed and this feeling spills over to those who are in contact with you, thereby helping towards creating a better world for everyone.


Spiritual Mind Treatment helps us learn how to create the life we choose by expanding our consciousness and believing that we are worthy of anything we desire in order to reach our full potential. It also teaches us about overcoming fears, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, letting go of negative thinking and releasing any unwanted patterns that inhibit our spiritual development and expansion.


Colon Hydrotherapy is a more physical way of letting go, but we can't ignore the all-important gut-brain connection. Because the gastrointestinal tract is hyper-sensitive to emotion, combining Colon Hydrotherapy with subtle complementary Spiritual Mind Treatment techniques provides us with a physical and holistic two-pronged approach to letting go of toxic matter, negative thinking and unwanted patterns that hold us back.


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!

Feel, see and speak of the good you desire as already yours. Let go of all negativity and toxic build-up that no longer serves you.

Then let the universe work its magic. 

Dare to be healthy...    Dare to let go...    Dare to dream BIG!