5-Day Detox


Are you looking for an easy-to-follow program that will get you on track to feeling great? Give your body the opportunity to function at its peak with a natural juice therapy purification (detox) program that gives you all the nutritional support you need.

This program has special emphasis on the colon in order to cleanse the body and keep it as disease-free as possible. Food that remains in the colon for an extended period begins to ferment and putrefy. As soon as this happens it produces toxic waste, some of which seeps into the bloodstream. This auto-intoxication affects your entire body – you feel tired, sluggish, irritable and restless, and your brain may feel like cotton wool! Toxins put a terrific strain on the liver, which impairs its ability to metabolise fat and commonly results in weight gain or difficulty in losing weight. It is said that the two biggest causes of disease are toxicity and deficiency.

To detox properly, the body requires nutrients as well as assistance in moving the newly added toxic waste out of the body. We can't reverse the aging process, but we can influence the length of time we'll live and the quality of life we have by reducing the impact that life-depleting and energy-sapping foods and drinks have on our system. When given the right nutrients, the body will try to heal itself. When the body is clean and nourished, the mind is clear and we feel better about life.

“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food” (Hippocrates).


The juice you receive with this program is made by Dr Ingo Grannersberger, who completed The Juice Master, Jason Vale’s comprehensive Juice Therapy Course, and attended the Juice Academy in the UK. The course involved an in-depth study of biology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and juicing. This course is accredited by the UK Complementary Medical Association and ‘Juice Master’ is a UK registered and recognised School of Natural Juice Therapy. Ingo is South Africa’s FIRST registered Independent Natural Juice Therapist!

The juices you get on this program have been specially designed and combined as ‘functional’ juice, to assist your body to rid itself of toxins and give your body and mind an opportunity to heal in a clean environment. The juice is freshly extracted and immediately blast frozen (no additives, preservatives – not even ascorbic acid – just pure juice). This process ensures that the goodness of enzymes, micro-nutrients and vitamins is preserved, thus ensuring you get the same benefit as if drinking freshly made juice. Our juices are not only nutritious, wholesome and natural; they’re blended into something that tastes lip-smacking good down to the last sip!

If you begin any cleansing program without ensuring that your colon is working well, your body is likely to dump additional toxic waste into an already backed-up and sluggish sewer system. A colonic before, during and after the program is highly recommended.

Symptoms of toxicity manifest in the body in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Bloating, constipation, excess gas, diarrhoea

  • Confusion, irritability, restlessness, listlessness and depression

  • Foul breath

  • Headaches

  • Painful / stiff joints

  • Premature aging

  • Skin problems

Doing a purification program a few times a year, together with colonics, avoiding refined, sugary foods and increasing the amount of fresh food you eat and drink will undoubtedly go a long way to helping you look and feel great.




  • The kit contains all you’ll need for 5 days: 25 specially formulated Juices and 5 Ginger Shots, Cleansing Powder, Protein Powder, Bentonite Liquid (to soak up toxins), Para 90 Capsules (anti-parasite), UltraFlora Balance Probiotics (to balance gut flora), and Magnesium Peroxide (oxygenates colon and loosens compacted faecal matter from colon walls).

  • You shouldn't need to eat during this program and probably won't feel hungry as the Cleansing Powder and juices contain many nutrients. Your aim is to cleanse and eliminate!

  • Colonics combined with this program help the elimination process and reduce symptoms associated with detoxing e.g. headaches, tiredness etc.

  • On completion, you'll slowly reintroduce food you have avoided during the program to gauge if you have a reaction to it (e.g. meat, chicken and eggs). 

  • Clients marvel at how easy the program is to follow. They enjoy the juices so much that some order a stock to keep in the freezer and take to work instead of making or buying lunch!

  • It is my sincere hope that those who do this program soon report having more energy, clearer thinking and greatly reduced signs of allergies and intolerances.



If you normally consume significant amounts of coffee, refined sugar, bread, pasta, red meat or alcohol, you might experience withdrawal headaches if you discontinue them suddenly. Gradually decrease these items and increase the amount of water you drink (up to 8 glasses a day) before starting the program.




With colonics

Natural Juice Therapy Purification Program including 3 Colonics, 25 Juices (blast frozen) and Ginger Shots, Cleansing Powder, Protein, Bentonite, Natural Parasite Remedy, Magnesium and Probiotics.



Without colonic

Natural Juice Therapy Purification Program including consultation, 23 Juices (blast frozen), 2 Nut Milks, and 5 Ginger Shots, Cleansing Powder, Protein, Bentonite, Natural Parasite Remedy, Magnesium and Probiotics.